Month: December 2017

Certificate of Origin Attestation

If you are planning to export any Product for international trade in order to widen your business empire, Certificate of Origin is mandatory. Before getting your product shipped the certificate of origin attestation must be obtained from the concerned authorities. The verification process is carried out to make the certificates legal. In order to obtain  Certificate of Origin attestation, the applicant will have to get the required certificates authenticated from Chamber Of Commerce, which plays a major role the legalizing process for the certificates of origin. After finishing the formalities the Chamber Of Commerce will sign and stamp your certificate Of Origin.

At first, the Certificate of Origin is attested from the Chamber of Commerce. After getting it verified from there the next step is the verification of the documents from the Embassy Consulate.Once the entire process of authentication is finished the Certificate of origin is ready for their respective receiving government officials.

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Degree Certificate Attestation

Relocating to a foreign nation can be a great boon to fulfill one’s career prospects. Migrating abroad can result in a sea of opportunities for the well-versed professionals with world-class standards, higher pay scale, and endless benefits. Certificate attestation is obligatory to prove the authenticity of the certificate for all those who wish to migrate overseas. The process of  Degree Certificate Attestation  will help individuals to prove the validity of the documents by getting it verified by the concerned authorities. Applicants have to submit the original certificates and its xerox copies to obtain certificate attestation.

Why Degree Certificate Attestation ?

Degree  Attestation is required for the following purposes :

  • To obtain an employment visa
  • Labour Card for most of the designation
  • Visa Designation Change
  • Adding the name of spouse in the Passport
  • Attending an interview, tests or MOH and DOH Exam and writing exams in Kuwait.
  • Getting medical allowances.

Degree Certificate Attestation Procedure :

The process of Degree Certificate Attestation is as follows :

Step 1: Attestation from State Education Department of the concerned state (Regional Attestation Centre/HRD/GAD).

Step2: Attestation from Ministry of External Affairs (MEA)

Step3: Attestation of Translation and original documents from Embassy.

Some types of Degree certificates are listed below :

  • Tech
  • BBA
  • BA
  • BCA
  • Com
  • Sc etc..

Attestation procedure will validate the degree and confirms that the certificate is authenticated. It is a legal recognition and which will help the applicant to prove the authenticity of the certificate in the field of applying. It also helps to analyze that the submitted  certificate has been issued by the mentioned department and which is fake or true. Required documents for attestation will vary according to the issuing country. Job purposes, higher study purposes, and migration purposes are the aims behind obtaining this certification.

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