Certificate Attestation in Oman

Oman is an independent state in the Arabian peninsula, the country is famous for its traditional culture. Oman is an attractive destination but a certification is needed before flying into Oman. Oman is a member country of the Hague convention, so Oman government follows Apostille attestation for certification. It will improve the prominence of your certificate and through this certification the officials check the actuality of the certificate. For Certificate Attestation in Oman, the Oman embassy is responsible authority of issuing Apostille verification. The procedure is done by the leadership of the embassy officials.

The processes required for educational certificates Apostille :

  • HRD attestation (Human Resource Development)
  • Sub Divisional Magistrate
  • Apostille

The processes required for the non educational certificates Apostilles :

  • Home Department attestation
  • Sub Divisional Magistrate
  • Apostille

Oman follows a strict legal system, so using unattested certificate is a punishable crime in the country. During Apostille attestation procedure, a computer generated Apostille stamp will attach to the backside of the original certificate. The passport copy of the applicant should be submitted as a supporting identification proof. Each Apostille stamp has a unique identification number through which any Hague convention country can check its authenticity online. But the embassy will conduct a strict verification process before granting certification. Apostille verification makes your document more trustful.

Nowadays, attestation is an obligatory process for every overseas travel. By obtaining this attestation you can relocate or settle anywhere in the Oman.  Oman Apostille will legitimate your certificate and give prominence to your certificate. Personal needs are the main aim of this verification process and certificates required for the attestation process will decide the mode of certification.

Some common purposes of Certificate Attestation in Oman :

  • For job purposes
  •  For higher study purposes
  • For migration purposes
  • For residence visa purposes
  • Resident visa purposes
  • School admission purposes
  • Financial purposes

Oman embassy Apostille will help the embassy officials to ensure the authenticity of the immigrants certificates. It is an initial process you face before fly into Oman.