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Power of Attorney Attestation

Power of Attorney Attestation (POA) is a written legal document which helps to represent someone or act on someone else’s behalf in private firms or other business establishments. A power of attorney can be of great use in many cases if any party wants someone else to represent them in their absence.

A power of attorney is of two type, general or special. A general power of attorney gives the holder powers to act in all general situations. A special power of attorney would be allowed to be given only for special purposes like operating a bank account, collecting rents etc.

Requirements for Power of Attorney  Attestation (POA) :

The documents you need to carry for Power Of Attorney Attestation are as follows. Original along with one photocopy of each document listed below must be presented in front of the Embassy and they will keep it for their records.

  • Passport – Photocopy of all front and back 6 pages along with all non-blank pages in between
  • Address proof
  • Original Visa approval notice like work permits, student visas, family visas.
  • Two sets of POA, printed one side of the plain paper
  • Copy of recent bank statement, salary slips etc.

Power of Attorney (POA) Attestation Process :

Firstly the power of attorney needs to be signed by both the principal and attorney along with two witnesses. Then it shall be presented on a Stamp Paper of relevant value depending upon the state in which the original power of attorney was issued.

The POA can be registered in the office of Sub Divisional Magistrate or Sub-Registrar Office. The rule may vary from state to state. Once the Entire process of Power Of Attorney Attestation is completed the certificates are proved to be authentic.

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Answer for your medical certificate attestation

In most countries, medical test requirements have made obligatory for those applicants who wish to move abroad either for personal or professional needs.Medical certificates are the proof of your standard of health.Medical certificate attestation is mandatory while planning to move abroad.If you are applying for a visa, it is a proof of your good health. The applicants need to provide the medical certificate with evidence that you’ve had your medical test.

The applicant has to make sure that he has undergone the three test like the Blood test, urine test, and chest x-ray.Blood test provides information about liver and kidney function, complete blood count, various types of Hepatitis, HPV, and HIV. Urine analysis is used to detect conditions such as urinary tract infections, kidney disorders, liver problems, diabetes, and other metabolic conditions.Chest X-ray is used to diagnose shortness of breath, persistent cough, fever, chest pain, and injury.

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Complete Kuwait Certificate Attestation Services

Kuwait is one of the most advanced GCC country which is most preferred destination for all job aspirants to relocate to fulfill their career prospects.While planning to migrate to any foreign nation , Certificate attestation is obligatory to prove the authenticity of the original certificate. The Attestation process will help to prove the validity of the documents by getting it verified from the concerned authorities. Applicants have to submit the original certificates and its xerox copies to of the Ministry of external affairs to obtain Kuwait Certificate Attestation.

Why Certificate Attestation for Kuwait ?

  • Adding the name of spouse in the Passport
  • Attending an interview, tests or MOH and DOH Exam and writing exams in Kuwait.
  • Accessing medical allowances.
  • Registering a marriage in Kuwait.
  • Registering a childbirth in Kuwait .
  • To obtain an employment visa

Attestation Process :

Step 1: Attestation from State Education Department of the concerned state (Regional Attestation Centre/HRD/GAD).

Step2: Attestation from Ministry of External Affairs (MEA)

Step3: Attestation of Translation and original documents from Embassy of the Kuwait.

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Your Answer for all Apostille Services

Apostille  is mandatory when a person plans to shift to a country like Albania, Argentina, Armenia, Austria, Belgium,.etc which is a part of the Hague convention of 1961.Apostille is a sticker or a stamp which is provided by the convention, certificate attestation is not valid for the countries which are a part of this convention.

Apostille is applicable for the purposes like Degree & Diploma Certificate Apostille, School Certificate Apostille Transcript Apostille, UG &PG Certificate Apostille, Birth Certificate Apostille, Marriage Certificate Apostille, Death Certificate Apostille.

In order to obtain Apostille, the document must first be issued or certified by an officer recognized by the authority that will issue the apostille. The apostille certification can be obtained from the Ministry of External Affairs after authenticated by the administration of the state HRD attestation where the original documents are issued. Once the entire process of verification is completed the certificates are proved to be authentic.

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Adept answer for your Police Clearance Certificate Attestation

Police Clearance Certificate is an official document issued by the police or government agencies in order to prove that the applicant has no criminal offense against him like arrest, conviction etc and to make sure that he has a clear background. PCC is delivered to a Passport holder in case they have applied for Employment or Long term visa or for immigration purposes.

Police Clearance Certificate is mandatory for the following purposes;

  • To engage in business abroad.
  • Obtaining entry visas for certain countries.
  • Migration to other countries.
  • Employer’s Request.
  • Joining the University.
  • Other similar purposes.

The applicant is advised to get the following documents verified for applying a Police Clearance Certificate;

  • Original copy of the passport with the self-attested photocopy of its first two and last two pages.
  • Documents which helps to prove the present address of the applicant
  • Xerox copies of the employment contract with foreign employer and must be self-attested by the applicant
  • Copy of the visa

Police Clearance Certificate attestation is a requisite for all individuals who wish to relocate abroad for employment.The applicant will have to submit their biometric details including fingerprints in order to avail police certificate. PPC attestation procedure and process varies in different countries spread across the world depending on the laws prevalent in that particular nation.

Smart Solution for your UAE Diploma Certificate Attestation

Working abroad is a dream for many youngsters to boost their career prospects. Many of them fail due to the insufficient knowledge about picking the correct course which can help to get better job opportunities abroad. The diploma is a short-term course which helps the students to get exact knowledge and training within a short interval of time.GCC countries like UAE offers a wide range of job opportunities for students who have qualified diploma courses.UAE Diploma Certificate Attestation plays a crucial role when indivitual plans to relocate UAE.

UAE  Diploma Certificate Attestation is mandatory for all those who plan to migrate to UAE for employment.Certificate attestation process is conducted to make the certificates legal in the foreign country. The applicant has to get the original and xerox copies of the certificates verified from the concerned authorities.The process of attestation starts from the state of the home country from where the original certificate was issued, followed by the verification from the authorities of UAE.

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Facilitating your nursing certificate attestation

Nursing is a noble profession where one can witness various stages of life beginning from squeal of a newborn facing the world time to the final heartbeat tolling the end of a life. The benefits of choosing a nursing career include career advancement, hefty pay cheque.There are wider opportunities for well educated and experienced nurses in Foreign nations.One can advance his career sky-high by nursing certificate attestationchoosing nursing career and earn a job in a foreign country with ease.Nursing Certificate Attestation is a pivotal step before relocating to any foreign nation for employement.

While Seeking a career opportunity in the nursing field overseas Nursing Degree Certificate Attestation is mandatory.The applicant has to get their original certificates and its xerox copies verified from the concerned authorities to make the certificates legal. The attestation process starts from the state where the original certificates are issued followed by the attestation from the concerned authorities of the foreign country to where they plan to migrate.

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Ideal answer for your experience certificate attestation

In the current scenario recruiters give more importance to work experience than other educational degree certificate while hiring candidates for their organization. It has been proved that the work experience has more impact on the job field than any degree qualification or training. experience certificate attestation  has become mandatory in certain organizations to have a relevant work experience for a candidate in the field where they seek job.

Work experience equips one with certain soft skills such as team work, communication skills and commercial awareness, all of which are sought after by employers. Work Experience is obligatory for job offers in foreign countries work experience on your CV can help you to get higher jobs with better salary in foreign countries. Experience professionals can reap huge benefits while relocating to foreign countries for their career growth. Experience Certificate Attestation process is mandatory to make this certificate legal while moving abroad for better jobs.Experience Certificate  attestation  initiates from the home country from where it was initially produced followed by the country to where one plans to relocate.

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Your ultimate guide for UAE Birth Certificate attestation

UAE Birth Certificate attestation  is a mandatory process for a child to prove his date of birth, obtain admission in school, to enter into a valid employment contract etc in UAE. Birth Certificate Attestation is an official evidence of legal recognition of the child as a member of society.

Birth certificate attestation for UAE is  compulsory for applying a family visa or when a  child needs to be taken abroad to UAE  along with his/her parents.The candidate will have to get their document attested from  the concerned State Government from where the certificate was issued then by Ministry of External Affairs and later attest the certificates from the concerned authorities of UAE for the family visa.

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Solution for all your commercial certificate attestation queries

Modern world provides one immense opportunities for an individual to grow and nurture one’s business or commercial activities. Today by the advent of modern science and technology sky could be one’s limit for your business empire.

Commercial document  attestation is of prime importance when an individual plans to undertake commercial activities in a foreign nation. Attestation is required for all your Commercial certificates like certificate of incorporation, certificate of origin, power of attorney etc for undertaking all your business and allied activities in a foreign country…

Attestation procedure for your commercial certificates begins from Chamber of commerce followed by the Attestation from Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) and later from Embassy  of the country to where one plans to relocate.Once the attestation procedure is complete authenticity of all your documents are established.

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