Power of Attorney Attestation (POA) is a written legal document which helps to represent someone or act on someone else’s behalf in private firms or other business establishments. A power of attorney can be of great use in many cases if any party wants someone else to represent them in their absence.

A power of attorney is of two type, general or special. A general power of attorney gives the holder powers to act in all general situations. A special power of attorney would be allowed to be given only for special purposes like operating a bank account, collecting rents etc.

Requirements for Power of Attorney  Attestation (POA) :

The documents you need to carry for Power Of Attorney Attestation are as follows. Original along with one photocopy of each document listed below must be presented in front of the Embassy and they will keep it for their records.

  • Passport – Photocopy of all front and back 6 pages along with all non-blank pages in between
  • Address proof
  • Original Visa approval notice like work permits, student visas, family visas.
  • Two sets of POA, printed one side of the plain paper
  • Copy of recent bank statement, salary slips etc.

Power of Attorney (POA) Attestation Process :

Firstly the power of attorney needs to be signed by both the principal and attorney along with two witnesses. Then it shall be presented on a Stamp Paper of relevant value depending upon the state in which the original power of attorney was issued.

The POA can be registered in the office of Sub Divisional Magistrate or Sub-Registrar Office. The rule may vary from state to state. Once the Entire process of Power Of Attorney Attestation is completed the certificates are proved to be authentic.

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