police clearance certificate attestation

Police Clearance Certificate Attestation is a certification issued by the home country to enable their residents for migrating into another nation. In simple, PCC is a declaration provided to show the absence of criminal record in the past activities. Police clearance certificate attestation used to certify that the person is good or bad. And attestation provided on a PCC is called Police clearance certificate attestation. The term ‘Police clearance certificate’ will change in each country like good conduct certificates, judicial records extracts, PCC, etc. Police Clearance Certificate attestation is an integral part of international immigration processes.

For example, if one person stayed in UAE and he came back to India after a few years, and then he preparing to migrate into UK, for that, he needs PCC and he can apply from here to get it. In India, applicants can obtain a Police Clearance Certificate attestation from the passport office.

PCC attestation is required mainly for the below given purposes :

  • Immigrants obtain this attestation mainly for employment purposes.
  • It is also can be used for migration purposes.

Once you got a Police clearance certificate attestation you can easily relocate into another country without the other legal hindrances. Nowadays, almost every country’s demands this PCC attestation for understanding about their immigrant. Some of the major countries which require this PCC attestation are Australia, New Zealand, Canada, England, America, etc. Before providing an attestation the authorities will check the PCC to ensure that the person is not harmful. Some documents are mandatory for this verification and authorities obtain this verification copy as a supporting copy of identification.

Requirements of applying a Police Clearance Certificate attestation are listed below :

  • ID
  • Visa copy
  • 2 Passport Size photo (First entry and Last exit)

All this requirements are mandatory for getting a PCC attestation. The form and style of a police clearance certificate will change according to the issuing country. The authorities of PCC attestation will use their sign or seal for providing a certification. At the time of verification, if the authority found that the applicant did any criminal offense, they will not grant this verification for the applicant. Police clearance certificate attestation is necessary, but in some countries it is a mandatory procedure. Police departments are the responsible authority of providing this certificate. In the present world system every country uses this document to prevent individuals who pose a risk to a country’s security.