Birth Certificate Apostille

Birth certificate Apostille a kind of legal verification comes under the list of the Non Educational Certificate Apostille. A credential document which records the birth of the child is known as a birth certificate. Authentication or legal verification granted by a Hague convention country known as a birth certificate Apostille. Because Apostille is the official legal procedure and which is required in every Hague convention member country.

Apostille is an official stamp or sticker which will affix or imprint on the back side of the birth certificate is called a Birth Certificate Apostille. Embassy or consulate is the supreme authority of providing this documentation. This documentation is required only for immigrants who under the age of 18. Because birth certificate is the first and foremost document every minor person. So every minor person should take a birth certificate Apostille for easy traveling to the Hague convention country. It will help them to satisfy their needs and wants from their destination.

Purposes of Birth Certificate Apostille :

1. This recognition will help the students to achieve their higher education from a reputed foreign university.

2. It is also needed for migration purposes.

3. This legal authentication will need to obtain or attain a foreign school admission.

4. This documentation is needed for obtaining children’s visa.

Birth certificate Apostille will help the immigrants to fulfill all these above mentioned needs. Through this process the immigrant can prove the originality of the certificate in front of the destination officials. The whole process of legalization will lead by the embassy officials and before providing verification they will ensure the credibility of the submitted certificate. If the document is fake or duplicate the concerned authority will take legal action against the applicant. Obtaining an Apostille verification is not a simple process, which will include certain legal procedures.

Requirements needed for obtaining a Birth Certificate Apostille. :

1. Original birth certificate.

2. Passport copy of the applicant.

These requirements are essential for obtaining a birth certificate Apostille. If the child has no passport the parent’s passport should submitted. The Birth certificate Apostille is a Non Educational Certificate Apostille but it also used in the field of education.

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