MEA Attestation

Ministry of External Affairs is an expansion of MEA, it is a government ministry functioning for maintaining the diplomacy of the country. MEA ministry is headed by an elected minister and the government authority is the responsible authority of appointing the MEA minister. Ministry Of External Affairs (MEA) is a synonymous term of Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA), it will accomplish all foreign related matters of the country. A certification provided by the MEA ministry is known as MEA Attestation, which will increase the prominence of the certificate inside the country. This Attestation is needed at the ending stage of attestation process. MOFA attestation is an integral part of every international communication, this legalization is required for every type of certification such as Attestation and Apostille. Ministry of Foreign Affairs Attestation is provided for every type of documents and original Xerox copy of certificate is needed for obtaining MOFA attestation.

MEA Attestation is granted to certificates like :

1. Educational certificates

2. Non-Educational certificates

3. Commercial certificates

The destination country’s MEA ministry will provide this MOFA attestation for immigrants certificates. To authenticate the certificates MEA ministry will provide a seal or signature to make the certificate legally approved in their country. If the MEA ministry will find that the submitted document is faked or forged, they will take legal action against the applicant. So original document is necessary for applying this recognition. In some cases, before applying attestation from the Ministry of External Affairs the applicant should take HRD Attestation for required educational certificates. Maintaining social harmony and national peace are the main aim of this certification.

Some common uses of MEA Attestation :

1. To attain higher study

2. To get resident visa

3. To migrate to another country

4. To obtain higher education

5. To start a business in abroad, etc..

This recognition will make the certificate holder eligible in the country. It will open their entry to the country. Now a days, every country provides this attestation to make sure that the custodian of records carries the original certificate.

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