HSC Certificate Attestation

Higher secondary certificate abbreviated as HSC and it granted by the school authority to 12th students after the completion of their higher secondary study by passing in the final exams. HSC certificate is an Educational Certificate, Attestation granted for this document is called HSC Attestation, it is mandatory for every overseas travel. To use the HSC certificate in international field the certificate holder should take the required attestation for that particular certificate.

HSC certificate is a credential certificate to prove the higher secondary qualification of the applicant. All significant information related to the higher secondary education will mentioned in the certificate such as marks or grades obtained, name of the school, register number, etc. Destination embassy or consulate present in your home country is responsible for providing this documentation. The documentation makes your certificate appropriate for the destination legal system. Original HSC certificate and passport copy is an essential need for acquiring this attestation. It helps the immigrants to catch their international opportunities.

Some general purposes of HSC Attestation :

1. Students obtain HSC attestation mainly for higher education purpose.

2. It is also necessary for getting residence visa and family visa.

3. This recognition is also needed for migration purposes.

4. This authentication is required for foreign Job/employment purposes.

These above mentioned needs are the main aim behind this attestation and all immigrants should face these attestation procedures before traveling abroad. Now a days, every country has their own embassies in each country to provide legal verification for the immigrants who comes into their country. It is a legal verification in which the embassy officials will put an official mark or symbol on the certificate to make the certificate valid in their country. This process will restrict the usage of unauthentic certificates and make the certificate more credible to use. Attestation is basement of every international communication and purpose is not a matter here.

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