Procedure for Italy Certificate Attestation

Italy, a European country and acknowledged it as the birthplace of western culture. The country plays a prominent role in enhancing regional and global economic welfare. Italy is one of the founding and leading member of the European Union. It is a highly developed country and the country is well known for its creative and innovative business. Italian government provides various kinds of certifications to its citizens and immigrants who lives inside the territory. Certificates issued by the Italian government are listed below.

1. Educational certificate : In Italy educational certificates issued to students after the successful completion of their study.

2. Non educational certificate : Italian government issued to certify certain valid facts like marriage, birth, death, work experience, etc.

3. Commercial document : A legal document which signifies commercial information.

To use these above mentioned certificates in another country we should recognize these documents from the concerned authority. These recognitions are commonly called Apostille and Attestation, both procedures are same in its functions, but the method or mode of attestations will change. Hague convention recommends the Apostille procedure for outside documents and others recommend embassy attestation. Attestation will increase the reliability of your Italian certificate.

Some general purposes of Certificate Attestation are listed below :

Educational Document :

1. This certification is needed to work in most of the designation.

2. MOH (Ministry of Health) and DOH (Dept. Of Health) examinations are an entry exam for medical practitioners who plan to work in abroad, but to attend it every candidate must take educational document recognition.

3. Higher education is the other goal of this documentation.

4. This certification is also used for obtaining equivalent certificates.

Non-Educational Document :

1. Legalization of noneducational document such as marriage or migration certificate will assist you in obtaining a family visa and residence visa.

2. Birth certificate attestation is needed for achieving school admission purposes of minor persons.

3. Every reputed organization requires experience documentation form candidates before granting job.

Commercial Document :

1. Power of attorney is a legal letter need to be attested for job purposes.

2. Commercial documentation is also needed for open a bank account.

3. Certificate of incorporation documentation a license from the government to register or open a new company in a foreign abroad.

Once you got a legalization your certificate become reachable anywhere in the destination country. Procedures will help to attain your embassy confirmation easily without other legal complication. Attestation is a basic factor behind every international communication. These procedures assist the destination officials to restrict the use of unattested outside certificates inside the country.

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