Procedure for China Certificate Attestation

China is one of the most populous and fastest growing country in the world. China is a powerful country in the Asian continent and largest goods exporter in the world. Chinese territory so many residents and on behalf of their request the government provides various types of authentic certificates not only to citizens but also for immigrants who lives in the Chinese territory. The value of the certificate is very high, but the certificate holder can’t use this certificate beyond the Chinese territory. Because every country requires a legal verification for the immigrant document to know the authenticity of the certificate.

Documents provided by the Chinese government are given below :

1. In China, educational certificates provided by the government to students after the successful completion of their study. Some common educational educational certificates are Degree certificates, Diploma certificates, SSLC certificates, HSC certificates, etc.

2. Non educational certificates are commonly called personal documents which consist Birth certificate, Marriage certificate, Experience certificate, Divorce certificate, Transfer certificate, Death certificate, etc.

3. A legal letter provided for using in the field of business is called Commercial certificates which include certain financial certificates such as Power of Attorney, Certificate of Incorporation, Trade license, Invoice, Certificate of Registration, etc.

Above mentioned certificates can be used for international needs, but certification procedures are the main procedures we should face before the international usage of certificates. Attestation and Apostille are the types of documentation used to legally authenticate the document. Hague convention promotes Apostille authentication and other countries demands attestation. Both procedures are alike in its functions and purposes, but the procedures and methods of verification are different. These legal authentication procedures will use to improve the quality of the certificate. Through this we can improve the standard of the document.

Purposes of Certificate Attestation :

Purposes of Educational certificate attestation :

1. Job needs are the main objective of this documentation.

2. This legalization is also required for attending MOH (Ministry of Health) and DOH (Dept. Of Health) examinations.

3. Students who are planning to shift in abroad for attaining International education should legally authenticate previous educational certificate.

4. It also needed for obtaining equivalent certificates.

Purposes of Non educational document Attestation :

1. Before providing family visa or resident visa, destination country demands some non educational certificate authentication.

2. For obtaining International needs every country requires birth certificate authentication from minor immigrants.

3. Every reputed organization demands experience document legalization from immigrant applicants.

Purposes of Commercial documents attestation :

1. International businessmen obtain this legalization for International business purposes.

2. Power of attorney recognition is used to sell or register a property or costly things in abroad.

3. Certificate of incorporation is needed to start a new company in abroad.

4. Commercial documentation is also necessary for open a foreign bank account.

All these purposes are the main goals of obtaining this certification, which will give more trustworthy to your document. It will make your certificate appropriate to be shown in front of the destination officials.

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