Birth Certificate Attestation

A Birth Certificate is a vital document that signifies the birth of a child and it used to certify the circumstances of a birth. Attestation granted on birth certificate falls under the non educational certificate attestation. A birth certificate attestation is quit necessary procedure before one applying for his/her kid’s admission in schools abroad. Authentication of birth certificate signifies the trustworthy of the date of birth.

The Attestation has to be first done from the state (home) where the certificate was issued, external affairs, further by the embassy where the applicant is seeking for admission. At the time of admission we have to prove the authenticity of the date of birth of the child and birth certificate is one of the major document which signifies the birth date of a child. It is also an official evidence for legal recognition of the child as a member of society. This attestation is also compulsory for applying a family visa or when a child needs to be taken abroad along with parents. A birth certificate contains certain vital information regarding the child such as name, place of birth, sex of the child, date of birth and parentage (details of parents).

Documents needed for applying Birth Certificate Attestation :

1. Original birth certificate

2. Visa copy

3. Passport copy

4. If the child didn’t have a passport, parent's passport copy has to be submitted.

If you are searching for obtaining an international education from any abroad countries for that you should submit attested birth certificate in front of the school officials. This process will add the prominence of the certificate and reachability in the destination country will also increase through this process. This attestation plays an integral part in international communication of minor persons who under the age of 18. The embassy or consulate will headed this whole process of granting legalization. This legal process will stay only at a certain validity and after that it will expire. Apostille Service can also be done in Birth Certificate. Sub-Divisional Magistrate [SDM] will be done through Ministry of External Affairs.

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