MOFA Attestation

Attestation is the process of validating your certificates. The process of attestation will legalise your document forever. While thinking about moving abroad, the most important legal procedure you have to follow is the attestation of documents. Attestation of document is required by the authorities of the destination country to make sure that the certificates you presenting there are original.

MOFA is the abbreviation for Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It is the government body of a nation that is responsible for dealing with the foreign affairs of their nation. You need to get attestation on your certificates from Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country where you are planning to move. This process will legalise your certificate and your arrival to their nation.

In this globalised world everyone is in a rush to move to foreign nations in search of a better job and for pursuing higher education from reputed universities. Authorities from the nation you are entering wants to know if the certificates you are using there is original or not. They need to confirm on the information

Common purposes of MOFA Attestation are:

1. For employment.

2. For migration purposes.

3. For pursuing higher education.

4. MOFA Attestation is necessary for international business purposes.

5. For school admission purposes.

MOFA Attestation will help you to attain your targets from the destination country. The process will legalise your certificates. So that in future you don’t have to worry about any legal formalities regarding the authenticity of your certificates. Your certificates will be accepted by the officials without doubting on your qualification.

We undertake MOFA attestation for:

Educational certificates.

Non-educational certificates.

Commercial certificates.

MOFA attestation is the final step of any attestation procedure. It is done from the country where you are going. You need to complete some other attestation procedures from the home country prior to the MOFA attestation. It is likely to change the procedure of MOFA attestation depending on the destination country of yours. Different nations demand different procedures according to their legal system. Once you done with the MOFA attestation you can use your certificate anywhere in the concerned nation for any purposes.

Documents required for MOFA Attestation are:

1.Original certificate..

2.Passport copy.

General procedures of MOFA attestation are as follows:

1.For educational documents

  • SDM
  • MEA
  • Embassy
  • MOFA

2.For non-educational documents

  • Notary
  • Home
  • MEA
  • Embassy
  • MOFA

MOFA attestation is the mandatory and significant one to make your certificate legal and appropriate to use it in the concerned foreign country. The Attestation is done on the original certificates.

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