Procedure for France Certificate Attestation

France a highly industrialized country in the world and performs well in international rankings of education, health, care, life expectancy and human development. It is one of the powerful country in the world and a center of art, science and philosophy. There are so many peoples’ lives in the France territory and the government supports the residents by issuing various certificates to states or records certain valuable information. France government issued every type of certificates which related to every field like educational, medical, business, finance, etc.

1. Educational certificates are issued to certify a person has received a particular education or passed in a text or series of exam.

2. Non educational certificates are individual documents which testify certain information which related to the personal life of the certificate holder.

3. Commercial certificates are an official file used to prove some financial data.

These certificates are valuable inside the France territory, but to apply these documents in the beyond the boundaries of the France the certificate holder should take required country verification for the documents. These legal requirements are commonly called Attestation and Apostille, both procedures have the same functions and purposes, but different in its mode of attestation. Hague convention member countries demands Apostille procedures from immigrants and others require embassy attestation. The embassy or consulate will headed whole procedures of documentation.

Some general purposes of Attestation are given below :

Educational certificate :

1. Educational documents legalization will assist you in getting your job opportunities.

2. MOH (Ministry of Health) and DOH (Dept. Of Health) examinations will need to work in abroad, but to attend these exams the candidate should submit attested documents in the concerned authority.

3. Attestation is also used for attaining higher education.

Non educational document :

1. Every country demands non educational certificate attestation before providing visa to immigrant.

2. Birth certificate legalization is also used for achieving international purposes of minor persons.

3. Some reputed organization experience certificate legalization before giving job.

Commercial documents :

1. Power of attorney recognition is needed to sell or register a new property in abroad.

2. Certificate of incorporation recognition needed for open a new company in abroad.

3. Commercial document recognition is also compulsory for open a bank account in abroad.

These two procedures have a great significance in enhancing every International communication. The importance of the procedures will increase in the coming years and which will help to restrict the usage of unauthorized document inside the country. Documentation have a certain validity and it will expire after the validity.

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