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World Education Services abbreviated as WES, it is a legal recognition of Educational Certificates. WES an International non-profit organization emerged in 1974, for enriching educational qualification of the immigrants. It is prevalent in the United States (US) and Canada and help the immigrants to easily relocate or shift to these countries. WES officials grant its accreditation to different types of educational documents like degree documents, diploma certificates, HSC certificates, SSLC certificates. It provides a vast variety of opportunities for talented persons. It converts your document legally approved and acts as a bridge between you and your destination.

WES Verification is doing for getting a permanent Residential visa for the foreign countries. This Verification is done in degree final certificate copy, final mark sheet or in transcript certificate. Through World Education Services accreditation you can fully utilize your educational qualification. Migration purposes, job purposes, higher education purposes, etc...

How to Apply for WES online ?

1. Create an account of the WES: https://www.wes.org/apply/createacco…?loc=onlineapp

2. Log in to the account. Now you will see tabs: Personal info, Your Education, Your Evaluation etc…

3. On the Education tab, Enters the university details and click on the “I have reviewed the required documents for this credential, and agree to submit my documents as required by WES.”

4. On the next page select the type of evaluation you want. You may need to select the course by course evaluation.

5. On the same page, Turn around time will be selected by the system automatically. Sometimes 3-business day and same day services will not be available.

6. After that add the institutional name. While searching the institution name select “Educational Institution.”

7. You can add as many institutions you want.

Documents required for WES Evaluation :

After paying the fee you can send the following documents to world education service.

If you are from India, you need following documents to get the WES credential evaluation done.

1. Individual semester transcripts sealed by the University. Your official transcript should be to be enclosed in an envelope, sealed and signed by the university. World education service needs transcripts from the University or Autonomous College. It doesn’t accept transcripts from individual colleges.

2. Photocopies of Final Provisional and degree certificate if you have it available.

3. Don’t send Originals. Only photocopies of Degree and Provisional certificate.

You can also check the required documents online by searching for your country.

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