Educational Certificate Apostille

Educational certificates legitimized by the Hague convention countries called an Educational Certificate Apostille. Apostille is a French word means to authenticate or certify, Hague convention brought this new term to the world. The aim of this certification is to enhance the educational qualification of the immigrants. Educational certificate is an official document to specify that a person received a particular education or passed in the exam or series of exam. There are different types of educational certificates and all the certificates are different in its form, content, and purpose, etc.

Types of Educational Certificate Apostille are :

1. Degree certificate Apostille

2. Diploma certificate Apostille

3. HSC (higher secondary certificate) Apostille

4. SSLC certificate Apostille, etc..

One of the most important functions of the educational certificate Apostille is to enable the applicants to use the educational certificate inside the country. Every country has their mode and method of Apostille verification. In Apostille verification, a square shaped Apostille stamp will affix on the backside of the document. The educational certificate attestation is used for many purposes and it will be help the applicant to prove his qualification in the field of applying.

Some common purposes of Educational Certificate Apostille :

1. To obtain a job in a Hague convention country

2. For migration purposes

3. For higher study purposes

4. For visa purposes

5. For admission purposes

Obtaining these above mentioned purposes from a Hague convention country is the main function of this authentication. It will make you enable for achieving International purposes. If a person plans to shift into a Hague convention country, for that the applicant should attest his/her required educational document from the destination country’s embassy which is situated in your home country.

Required documents for applying Educational Certificate Apostille are :

1. Passport copy

2. Original certificate

Educational certificate Apostille have only six months validity.Through this certification the destination officials will happy to accept our entry to their country.

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