Experience Certificate Apostille

Apostille certification provides for an experience certificate is known as an Experience Certificate Apostille. Hague convention countries are the exponents of this certification and it make document more reliable. Experience certificate a formal letter provided by a company or organization after the completion of his/her employment service in that particular organization. This certificate provides a clear picture regarding the past practical knowledge of the employee.

Contents of an Experience Certificate :

1. Name of the employee

2. Role/ Designation

3. Date of joining and date of resignation

4. Remarks regarding the works of the employee

5. Salary of the employee

6. Seal or signature of the company

Experience Certificate Apostille will enable the applicant to easily access their International purposes and needs. This certification will help the immigrant candidates to catch their job opportunities from the destination country. Destination country’s embassy is the responsible authority of providing this certification and they use an official stamp for the authentication process, which will imprint on the backside of the submitted transfer certificate. The experience certificate Apostille is a meadow of job opportunities and it will provide more significance to your experience certificate.

Documents required for applying Experience Certificate Apostille :

1. Original experience certificate

2. Passport copy of the applicant

In many foreign job cases, Experience certificate from the previous company is compulsory. It will confirm an employees past designation and experience regarding the previous employment. The applicant should submit an experience certificate Apostille for attaining an abroad job in a reputed organization which present in a Hague convention country.

Through this certification, we can prove the credibility of the certificate in the destination country’s officials. In coming years, experience certificate Apostille will become a compulsory requirement for obtaining a job in every Hague convention country. Non member countries of Hague convention come under attestation procedure.

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