Procedure for UK Certificate Attestation

UK, a European country, one of the highly developed country and economically prosperous country in the world. UK expands as the United Kingdom and also known as Britain. The government provides certificates to UK residents to testify or specify certain information or fact. UK documents have a great value whole around the world, but certificate verification is a mandatory procedure before using. Every country asks legal verification for outside documents which will help the certificate holder to prove his/her certificates authenticity in front of the destination country authority.

Attestation and Apostille significant legal procedures needed in every international dealings. The Apostille is the official documentation procedures of Hague convention member countries and other countries requires embassy attestation for legalizing. Embassy or consulate headed this all mandatory procedure and they affix their official verification mark on the document, which may be a seal/ signature/ stamp/ sticker. It will add more credibility to your document.

1. Educational Certificate : A vital record used to signify educational qualification of a person.

2. Non-Educational Certificate : It is an essential type of document used to certify certain valid fact.

3. Commercial Document : These kind of documents is issued to prove some financial information like to show ownership, property details, liability, financial asset etc.

Some general purposes of Certificate Attestation are listed below :

Educational Certificate :

1. Educational documentation provides job opportunities in foreign countries.

2. It is also mandatory for attending MOH (Ministry of Health) and DOH (Dept. Of Health) examinations.

3. Every country asks previous educational document attestation before higher education.

4. Academic documentation will help you to obtain equivalent documents.

Non-Educational Document :

1. Marriage certificate and migration certificate attestation is required for attaining a family visa and residence visa.

2. Every student under the age of 18 should attest their birth certificate for school admission purposes.

3. Experience document attestation will make you eligible for getting a job.

Commercial Document :

1. Power of attorney legalization is a necessary procedure for selling an abroad property.

2. Commercial document attestation will also make you eligible for open a foreign bank account.

3. It is also needed for starting a new company in abroad.

Attestation will make your UK document eligible for International use. Documentation increase the trustworthiness of the document in the destination country. Legal verification have a certain validity and it will gone expire after the validity. All foreign countries ask embassy verification to avoid complications at the time of relocation and it will also prohibit the usage of unauthorized documents.

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