Marriage Certificate Apostille

Marriage certificate Apostille a legalization comes under the category of the Non-Educational Certificate Apostille. It is a certification which will improve the prominence of the marriage certificate. A Marriage certificate is a statutory declaration used to prove that the couple listed on the marriage certificate is legally married.

A stamp or sticker granted by the Hague convention country is known as Apostille and which will affix on the backside of the certificate to make the certificate authenticate. This process will give more value to your marriage certificate and it can validate your document in the destination country. Apostille is a square shaped stamp or sticker and every Hague convention country uses this same procedure for Apostille authentication. Acquiring an Apostille authentication is not a simple procedure, because every applicant who searching for obtaining an Apostille should follow all the methods and process of attestation.

Required documents for obtaining an Apostille authentication are listed below. :

1. Original marriage certificate.

2. Passport copy of the couples.

Every applicant should submit these above mentioned requirements for avoiding complications in the Apostille procedures. This process will increase the reachability of the certificate in the destination country. Fulfilling family needs are the main aim of the marriage certificate Apostille.

Some of the purposes of Marriage Certificate Apostille are listed below :

1. Obtain family visa for family members are the first purposes of the marriage certificate Apostille.

2. This Apostille is also used for migration purposes.

3. Sometimes marriage certificate Apostille is required for obtaining children’s visa.

This documentation will help the couples to travel along the destination country without any other legal complications. We can prove the credibility through this embassy authentication process. This process will provide more value to your certificate and which will make our certificate appropriate to be shown in front of the destination officials. The Apostille process help to restrict the use of illegal certificates inside the country.