Procedure for Turkey Certificate Attestation

Turkey is a nation straddling in the Eastern Europe and western Asia. It shares its border with eight countries and three sides are encircled by the sea. Turkey is one of the transcontinental country in the world. The Turkish government encourages and support their residence by providing various types of certifications, which will help the them to prove certain valid facts or information. Immigrants who stayed in the Turkish territory for a long period also eligible for getting a Turkish certification. Various kinds of certifications are included in the list of Turkish documents and which are listed below.

1. Educational certificate : Turkish educational documents provided to students but only after the successful completion of their study or course.

2. Non Educational certificate : This type of document states certain information which related to the life of the certificate holder like birth, marriage, death. Work experience, etc.

3. Commercial document : A legal letter used for signifying certain financial information or data.

These above mentioned documents have a great value whole over the world. But to apply these documents beyond the boundaries of turkey the certificate should take the intended country verification. Those verification procedures are commonly called Embassy Attestation and Apostille . Both procedures plays an integral part in every abroad communications. Hague convention introduced this new term Apostille to the world and it make a revolution in the foreign dealings. Embassy attestation is the other significant procedure and non member countries of the Hague convention demands this verification procedure to outside documents. These two procedures open your way to the destination and you easily relocate to your destination.

Purposes of documentation are listed below :

Educational Document :

1. Job purpose is the main goal of this documentation.

2. MOH (Ministry of Health) and DOH (Dept. Of Health) examinations are medical entrance exams in work abroad and educational document is required for attending this text or exams.

3. Every country demands previous academic certificate from immigrant students who come to attain higher education.

4. Documentation is necessary for pursuing equivalent certificates from the destination country.

Non-Educational Document :

1. This type of certificate recognition is used for getting a visa from the destination country.

2. Minor persons should attest their birth certificate for school admission and migration purposes.

3. Experience certificate legalization will help to catch personal and professional needs.

Commercial Document :

1. Businessman’s uses this confirmation for foreign trade or business purposes.

2. Attestation of power of attorney makes your transactions eligible.

3. Recognition issued for Certificate of incorporation will help to open a new company in abroad.

4. Commercial documentation is also needed for open a foreign bank account.

The procedures provide more prominence to your document in the destination country. It also improves the value of your certificate and help to make your certificate suitable for submission. Every country checks the originality of the certificate before providing verification. Official seal or sticker provided by the embassy will make your certificate authentic and genuine in front of the destination officials.

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