Procedure for BVI Certificate Attestation

BVI the British Virgin Islands officially and simply known as ‘Virgin Islands’ are a British overseas territory in the Caribbean region. These Islands are one of the most prosperous and flourishing Islands in the world. BVI renowned as the world’s greatest sailing destinations. There are many peoples’ lives in the BVI region and the supports them by providing valuable certificates, which granted to certify certain valuable facts. The government granted this certificates not only to its citizens, but also for immigrants who stayed in the BVI territory are eligible for obtaining this certification.

Kinds of documents which provided by the BVI are listed below :

1. Educational certificate : In the BVI, an educational document awarded to students after the successful completion of a particular course or study from their region.

2. Non educational certificate : This kind of certificates granted to state personal information.

3. Commercial document : A legal letter issued to state or testify commercial information comes under this category.

Documents granted by the BVI have a great value whole over the world, but to apply these documents outside the island territory the certificate holder should take the intended country recognition. Those recognitions make your certificate valid and original. There are two types of authentications which are commonly known as Apostille and attestation. Apostille a type of recognition and Hague convention countries are the exponents of this procedure. Embassy attestation is the second procedure and non members of the Hague convention demands this procedure from the immigrants who like to relocate in their in their country. These procedures will assist the certificate holders to catch their opportunities from the destination.

Purposes of documentation are listed below :

Educational Document :

1. Academic document recognition will help the individuals to catch their job opportunities.

2. This recognition is also an essential need for attending MOH (Ministry of Health) and DOH (Dept. Of Health) examinations.

3. Higher education is the other essential need of academic certificate documentation.

Non-Educational Document :

1. Before providing visa every country requires non educational attestation from immigrant.

2. Birth certificate recognition is also needed for achieving international purpose of the minor persons.

3. Every reputed organization requires experience certificate attestation from immigrant candidates.

Commercial Document :

1. Attestation of commercial documents will help the businessman’s to enrich their international trade and business.

2. Power of attorney recognition required in every international property selling purposes.

3. Certificate of incorporation is required for open a new branch of your business in abroad.

4. Commercial certificate verification also needs for open a bank account in the destination country.

These two acts as a bridge between you and your home country. But the validity of the certification depends upon the type of certificate and issuing country of authentication. We can improve the prominence of the certificate through this certification. At the time of documentation the concerned authority will check the actuality of the submitted certificate. If the certificate is fake or duplicate the embassy officials will take action against the applicant.

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