Oman PCC

Oman is one of the oldest independent state in the Arab world and also a traditional country in the Arab world. On behalf of the request of residents and immigrants who lives in Oman, the government provides a police certification to them is called a Oman PCC. A police clearance certificate is the only proof which shows that you are not included in any crime records. If you have a criminal background attestation is not possible for your documents. So PCC is the only proof to show your genuine character.

Requirements needed for applying Oman PCC are listed below :

1. Passport copy

2. Visa copy

3. Oman ID copy (Not Mandatory)

4. One Blue background Passport size photo

Police clearance certificate have an essential value in every International communication and which open your way to the destination. The Oman police department is the mandatory head of issuing this legal verification. But it provides not only to residents but also for immigrants who stayed there at least six months duration. This certification have essential quality and importance because of its functions and purposes.

Some common purposes of obtaining Oman PCC :

1. For joining in a job in the destination country PCC is required.

2. Every country demands PCC for migration.

3. It is also needed for getting family visa.

4. To achieve international education from foreign country PCC is wanted.

5. It is a compulsory requirement to start a new business branch in abroad countries.

Minor persons who stayed in Oman does not need a Police Clearance Certificate for relocation. In this present world every countries promotes the using of PCC in international dealings because it will help the country to stay away from unlawful activities. If you have any legal cases like court proceedings, arrest, conviction, court proceedings and other legal issues the government will not grant you the clearance certification. Oman PCC is a police clarification and it have a certain validity.

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