Oman Certificate Attestation

Oman is an Arab country, it is noticed as a high income economy and also an emerging country in the world. Oman government have their own embassies in each country and they provide legalization to outside certificates is called Oman Certificate Attestation. Day by day many immigrants achieve this certification for easily reaching in the Oman territory. It will help the immigrants to avoid legal complications in the Oman dealings. Legalization or documentation issued by the Oman embassy or consulate is commonly called a Oman certificate Apostille.

Oman is a Hague convention member country so Apostille Certification is required to reach in Oman. Embassy officials will provide this confirmation by imprinting a square shaped computer generated stamp on the reverse side of the certificate. Apostille verification will prove the originality of the certificate and it also makes the document more valuable. It will help government officials to restrict or prohibit the use of unauthorized certificates inside the country. Home Department (Home country) attestation is necessary for obtaining some type of certifications.

Processes required for Educational Certificates Attestation in Oman :

1. HRD attestation (Human Resource Development)

2. Sub Divisional Magistrate

3. Apostille

Processes required for the Non Educational Certificates Attestation in Oman :

1.Home Department attestation

2.Sub Divisional Magistrate


These above mentioned requirements are home country verifications and the applicant should take all these processes for proving the actuality or credibility of the certificate. The immigrants acquire this certification for obtaining entry visa from Oman. Passport copy and original certificates are important needs required for this certification.

Apostille verification is needed for every type of certificates like educational certificates, non educational certificates, commercial certificates. Oman government does not require Apostille legalization from persons who are coming in visiting visa. Obtaining personal and professional needs are the main aim of the documentation.

Some general purposes of Apostille authentication are listed below :

1. To open a business abroad

2. For joining a foreign university

3. It required in abroad job sectors

4. To relocate in other another country

5. For obtaining visa from the destination country.

6. The Apostille is a significant part in Oman dealings.

Once you got a legal certification from the Oman embassy you can use your certificate anywhere in the Oman territory. The validity of the documentation will depend upon the type of certificate.