Transfer Certificate Apostille

The Transfer Certificate Apostille is a type of Apostille included in the list of Non Educational Certificate Apostille , but most commonly used in the educational field. Official legalization provided by a Hague convention member country is known as Apostille, and they will issue a square shaped stamp for this documentation.

Transfer certificate is a credential deed granted by an educational authority to specify that the that the student is a part of their institution. For getting a transfer certificate a student should request on the in charge authority of the institution. Leaving Certificate is a synonymous term of transfer certificate. The transfer certificate Apostille is needed for International educational purposes form Hague convention countries.

A Transfer Certificate is an official record which contains information like :

1. Name of the student

2. Admission number

3. Date of birth

4. Date of leaving

5. Subject or class studied

6. Board of examination

7. Reason for leaving

8. Character and conduct

Apostille verification granted on transfer certificate is a clarification that the student holds the original certificate and issued from a credible source or authority. The embassy or consulate will execute the whole procedure of the Apostille legalization and also provide required directions for applicants. It will help the applicants to earn their Apostille documentation.

Some common purposes of Transfer Certificate Apostille are given below :

1. 1. To take an admission in a foreign board or university.

2. Some foreign countries ask legalized transfer certificate before providing job.

3. It needed for attending exams or interviews in abroad.

Original transfer certificate (TC) and passport copy are compulsory requirements for applying a transfer certificate Apostille. Transfer Certificate Apostille is needed for academic purposes of the Hague convention countries. In job sector transfer certificate is used to prove the educational qualification of the candidate. Non member countries of the Hague convention comes under attestation procedure.