Marriage Certificate Attestation

Marriage Certificate Attestation is a confirmation process falls under the category of non-educational certificate attestation. A marriage certificate is a credential degree which records that two people are legally married. It is a legal recognition of the marriage and which issued by a governmental authority of the country. It states all information regarding the marriage such as :

1. Names of the couple

2. Date of the marriage

3. Age of the couple

4. Addresses of the couple

5. Seal or verification sign granted by the authority, etc...

Marriage Certificate Attestation is a mandatory requirement for migration purposes. Before providing authentication the destination country demands a legal verification of the home county where the marriage solemnized.

Needs for Marriage Certificate Attestation :

1. It is needed for applying a family visa from abroad countries.

2. To migrate or relocate in another country with your family an attested marriage certificate is needed.

3. It needed for while applying passport for your children (if needed).

Attestation on the marriage certificate is a legal certification and embassy or consulate of the intended country is the superior authority of issuing authentication. They will imprint an official seal or signature on the sides of the document which enhances the reliability of your document. The original document is a mandatory requirement for legal recognition. During the attestation procedure the concerned authority will find that the presented document is genuine or fake they will take legal action against the applicant.

If you are preparing for an International travel with your family, a legal authentication of the marriage certificate is needed. If you attain a legal certification on your marriage certificate becomes useful anywhere in the intended country. Passport copy of the couples is a necessary requirement for Marriage Certificate Attestation.

Attestation is a barrier to our all International communication, but it have a greater significance in enhancing our overseas travel. It avoids all legal complications in future dealings.

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