Divorce Certificate Attestation

Divorce Certificate Attestation a category of non-educational certificate attestation and which needed in some particular International needs. A divorce decree is a final order granted by the court on a legal Dissolution of marriage. Attestation granted to divorce certificate is a permit or approval, which needed in some International fields. This process makes the divorce certificate legally confirmed and authenticate. In this procedure embassy or consulate officials will execute all the procedures related to the attestation process. In that the embassy authority will affix an official seal or signature on the document to make the certificate more valuable in their country. It is a personal document and all information related to the divorce will include in the certificate. There are many processes required in the background of the attestation procedure.

Required documents for Divorce Certificate Attestation :

1. Original Marriage certificate

2. Passport copy of the applicant

Each embassy has their own procedures for attestation and the applicant should follow it for good attestation. The Attestation have a certain validity and it’s based upon the issuing country.

Purposes of Divorce Certificate Attestation are :

1. To marry a foreign country’s citizen

2. To prove single status

Migration purpose is also an aim of Divorce Certificate Attestation. It will help to obtain destination visa easily. Attestation makes your international communication smoothest. Divorce certificate attestation required in all most all the countries for getting spouse visa. When a person wants to marry a foreign citizen and he/she have been already divorced has to be attested his/her marriage certificate from that country’s embassy or consulate which is situated in your home country. It also helps to prove your single status. Every foreign strictly require a certificate attestation process to control the illegal activities inside the country. Attestation is an integral part of international communication. Attestation makes your document valid and valuable in the destination country. All foreign countries asking divorce certificate attestation to avoid complications in future.