UAE an abbreviation of United Arab Emirates, a federation of seven states and one of the most liberal countries in the Gulf. UAE government provides a police clarification to its residents and immigrants who are planning to relocate in another country for acquiring some essential needs.

A police Clearance Certificate is a used to enumerate any criminal records that the applicant may or may not have and which may include arrest, conviction, court proceedings, offensive activities, etc. To obtain a valuable PCC the applicant should have to submit the application for PCC at the concerned department which should include all personal information of the applicant. Before applying a PCC the applicant should face all the required steps and procedures it will help you to obtain your certificate without other legal complications.

Documents required for applying a UAE PCC are listed below :

1. Emirates ID

2. Passport copy

3. 2 Passport Size photo

4. Fingerprint (if needed)

The UAE police department will examine all past activities of the applicant before providing PCC and if they fail to find any criminal records the government will issue an authenticated UAE PCC. Police clearance certificate is needed for achieving many international needs and wants.

Some common purposes of obtaining UAE PCC :

1. If you are a UAE resident and now planning to go in another for job purpose you should submit a PCC from UAE.

2. Police clearance certificate is also needed while you are migrating or relocate in another country.

3. PCC is also required for getting a family visa.

4. It is also necessary for higher education purposes.

5. If you are planning to start a new branch of business in abroad PCC is required for this.

Like issuing police clearance certification to residents, UAE government also requires an authenticated PCC from immigrants who are coming to live in UAE. This legal verification will remain in a short period of time after that it will gone expire. Without the residents cannot relocate in their destination country. It is an official legal document which used to specify a person take part in any illegal activities in the country.