Degree Certificate Attestation

Degree Certificate Attestation is a mandatory requirement for obtaining some International purposes. Degree certificate is a kind of educational document which signifies the graduate qualification of the student. Universities, Colleges or Educational Institutions are the supreme authority of granting the degree certificate and which comprises all information about the graduation like name, course of study, name of the institution, marks or grades obtained, etc...

This Attestation is also done for getting employment visa in foreign countries. Before attaining an attestation from the embassy of the intended country of applying, the applicant should take home country attestation for his/her original document. This will help the officials to verify the place where the document was issued. This process will validate the degree and confirms that the certificate is authenticated.

Some types of Degree certificates are listed below :

1. B.Tech

2. BBA

3. BA

4. BCA

5. B.Com

6. B.Sc etc...

Attestation is a legal recognition and which will increase the reliability of the document. This process also confirms that, the specified degree document has been issued by the mentioned department is fake or true, which states in the certificate. There are some documents required for applying a degree certificate attestation, but it will change according to the destination country where the applicant intended to use his/her certificate.

Documents required for Degree Certificate Attestation :

1. Original degree certificate

2. Copy of the certificate

3. Passport copy

4. Visa copy

5. HSC certificate (original)

6. SSLC certificate (original)

Attestation on degree certificate will assist the applicants to satisfy their needs and wants from their destination and the reachability of the certificate is also increased through this legalization. It falls under the educational document attestation and help the immigrants to catch their personal and professional purposes. Degree Certificate Attestation is also required to get a suitable Trade Visa from Labour department of UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi etc...

Some common purposes of Degree Certificate Attestation are :

1. Job purpose is the main aim of degree certificate attestation.

2. It also used for achieving higher education from abroad countries.

3. Graduate document attestation is a necessary requirement for migration.

4. It also required for getting a suitable Trade Visa from Labour Department of UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi, etc.

The embassy or consulate will headed the whole process of attestation and the validity of this legalization have a limited validity and it will expire after the validity. In simple words, it is a legal confirmation process and which enhance your educational qualification through this procedure. If you are searching for good attestation services please contact our experienced representatives. Contact Us or email to

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