Commercial Certificate Attestation

Commercial Certificate Attestation plays an integral part in enhancing international trade and business. It is a branch of attestation and mainly used for achieving financial goals. In simple words, we can say that a commercial certificate attestation is a license or permission granted by the destination country. Attestation process will make your commercial document prominent in the destination. In this present legal system embassy or consulate is the superior head of issuing this authentication. The home country is the source of producing a valid commercial document, but to apply in another country the certificate holder should take a legal confirmation from the intended country of using is called commercial certificate attestation. Commercial certificate is an official file issued by a mandatory authority/ departments/ person and which used to prove ownership, asset details, property rights, liabilities, etc..

Some Important commercial documents are listed below :

1. Certificate of origin

2. Certificate of incorporation

3. Invoices

4. Power of attorney

5. Safety documents, etc.

These above mentioned documents are issued by the home country of the applicant and each certificate have its own purposes and functions. Certificate Attestation validity depends upon the issuing country of authentication, but in some country’s it have an unlimited validity so the certificate holder can use those documents for other needs also.

Purposes of Commercial Certificate Attestation :

1. If you are planning to open a new branch of your company in abroad, for that you have to attest your required commercial certificate.

2. Power of Attorney Attestation is needed for giving authority to sell a property.

3. Commercial certificate should be attested for register and renew any property or any vehicle from the owner to an authorized person.

4. This attestation is also required to open a bank account in a foreign country.

5. It is also required for enhancing foreign trade.

Documents required for acquiring this attestation will change according to the kind of commercial document and mode of attestation of the destination country. Through attestation the applicant can prove or show the trustworthiness of the document.

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