Procedure for Netherland Certificate Attestation

Netherlands, a country situated in the northwestern Europe and renowned for its International trade contributions. Netherland is also known as Holland and one of the competitive economy in the world. The Netherland government provides various kinds of certificates to its citizens and immigrants on behalf of their contributions and request to the government. The information mentioned in the certificate is related to the certificate holder. Before the usages the certificate holder should legally verify the document from the destination embassy.

Two renowned procedures are used for legal verification, it is a legal necessity while you plan to move abroad. Attestation and Apostille are two significant modes of attestation which will make your travel fast without other legal complications. Apostille comes from the French roots and Hague convention introduced this new term to our world. Nowadays, every Hague convention countries recommends Apostille verification for immigrants documents and other countries demands embassy attestation for immigrants. Destination country’s embassy or consulate, which situated in the home country of the certificate holder will issue this verification.

1. Educational certificate : This certificate is awarded to students after the successful completion of particular study.

2. Non Educational certificate : The government provides this kind of certificates to residents to legally certify certain fact.

3. Commercial certificates : A legal document used to testify certain commercial details.

Some general purposes of Certificate Attestation are listed below :

Educational Certificate :

1. Every candidate should legally recognize their academic certificate from the destination for obtaining job.

2. MOH (Ministry of Health) and DOH (Dept. Of Health) examinations are a gateway to work in the international medical field. And educational document attestation is a necessary procedure for attending these exams.

3. Academic documentation is a necessary requirement for pursuing higher education

4. It will help to pursue equivalent certificates from the destination.

Non-Educational Document :

1. Every foreign country asks non educational certificate attestation for visa purposes.

2. Legalization of birth certificate will make the minor persons eligible to obtain their personal needs.

3. Experience certificate attestation provides more job opportunities in abroad.

Commercial Document :

1. International businessman’s used this documentation to catch their business opportunities.

2. Power of attorney need to be attested for sell costly things or properties in abroad.

3. Legalization of certificate of incorporation is compulsory for open a new branch in a foreign country.

4. Commercial document verification will also help to open a foreign bank account.

These procedures plays a vital role in increasing the reachability of the certificate in the destination country. Officials verify the documents with their official seal or signature, which will imprint on the document. In this present world, the acceptance of the this procedure is very high. Through this process destination officials can check the originality of the document.

If you are confused about your certification procedure don’t worry, we will provide more authentic certification from the concerned embassy.