Death Certificate Apostille

Death certificate is a medical certificate comes under the list of Non-Educational documents. Apostille authentication granted to a death certificate known as a death certificate Apostille and died persons family members or relatives will obtain this certification. It is valid only in Hague convention countries, because Hague convention countries are the exponents of this legalization.

A death certificate is a formal letter provided by a hospital authority and signed by a qualified doctor to legally testify a person’s death. All the contents related to the death are included in the certificate such as when and how the death happened. A death certificate is an identical certificate so it provides all information about the dead person like the name of the person, date of birth, date of death, place where the death happened, the reason for death, etc. Family members obtains a death certificate Apostille for satisfying their purposes and needs and most probably for obtaining financial purposes.

Documents required for applying a Death Certificate Apostille :

1. Passport copy of the applicant

2. Original death certificate

One of the most important aim of this death certificate Apostille is to obtain financial purposes from a Hague convention country. For example, a dead person has a property in a foreign country and after the death of that particular person his/her son wants to sell that property, for that he has to submit a death certificate Apostille issued from the destination country’s embassy or consulate which is present in their home country.

Apostille is the official recognition of every Hague convention country and it will increase the prominence of the certificate. Using certificates without Apostille recognition is illegal in every Hague convention country. This documentation will improve the quality of the death certificate and make legally approved in the destination country. Apostille is a legal barrier to reach in your destination.